AIDS Industry Defeated As Rico Ends Media Blackout

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 I want to speak clearly. In the evolution of democracy the first step is this: citizens outside the Party, including writers, should not have to applaud things with which they do not agree. To make anyone do so is unfair and unworthy of man. But to force a writer to do so is to make him sick in spirit, for a writer’s element, his profession, is to tell the truth. (And if he does not tell the truth he is only a slave or a paid scribbler.)

                                                                                      –The Hungarian Revolution, Melvin Lasky



CBS Minnesota has broadcast another solid and unafraid piece about Rico. This is a “period piece,” in the sense that this period, now, is characterized by a breaking down of the 29 year media trance that held that you could not say things like, “the same prescription they believe almost killed their daughter,” and expect to have a job the next morning;  [Italics mine]

This piece actually behaves like real media, not like AIDS media. It doesn’t use much AIDS-speak or manifest the trained hostility toward any hint of “AIDS denialism.” The family is treated with sympathy. Normalized.

The $350 billion HIV/AIDS juggernaut has run the media with sophisticated cattle prods for 29 years, but now they media is breaking away. Where’s Laurie Garrett? Where’s TAG? Gregg Gonzalves? Richard Jefferys? John P Moore? Where are the sanctimonious letters expressing their “disappointment” at CBS, and how they “trusted” them and felt “betrayed?” Why haven’t they condemned the station, issued manifestos, made demands about equal time on CBS Minnesota for news stories touting the efficacy of AIDS drugs, and set time limits of when they expected to see everybody involved in this fired and the footage retracted and “apologized’ for? Where is the dog and pony show we all get dragged through every time? How come they’re so quiet?

This is the key. The last piece, also posted here, that CBS ran last week, was very bold. Not only did nobody get fired, but CBS ran another one. To my mind, that means it’s over. We can all go back to our lives.

They know one thing, that gang, that I know too: Stalin would have agreed with me.  The one thing they had was en effective cloud of condemnation and/or mockery around “denialists.” The moment that condemnation turns to neutrality, the moment that clenched fist cracks open–it’s over. They had nothing else. They had what every Maoist bully has–temporary control by use of fear, guilt, shaming, intimidation and conformity. Just as Robespierre knew he was done for when the people started laughing.

Reality, now that’s good stuff. That’s why I always placed my chips there.  I always knew that one day, the “denialist” cry would wear thin, dissipate, that two plus two would once again equal four, and that abnormal responses to atrocious, bogus “scientific” claims would no longer be forthcoming from the entire press corps. And I am not surprised that the uprising, the Gdansk ship yard of this nightmare, would be out of Minnesota.

It’s 4:32 am in New York,  March 12, 2013, and I declare the [essential part of the] war over. A $350 billion dollar apparatus is not dismantled overnight, but it has lost the minds and hearts of the American people, and even, the American media. It doesn’t get much more American than CBS Minnesota.

No “denialists” need to struggle any further, or explain, or defend. The darkness has been exposed, and it was the darkness you all were decrying, and which you were told you had imagined. You were told you were “denying” reality when in fact you were documenting it, as it was erased, again and again, before your eyes.


Christian Fiala

“In my estimate there is no question that it is over, that they are obviously wrong,” said Dr. Christian Fiala, in a telephone conversation this weekend. We were discussing why there is such a death wish against those who are HIV antibody positive who succeed in living well and being healthy. This part always baffled me. Why are they so disinterested in “survivors?” So hostile toward them, even.

“The only good HIV positive is a dead HIV positive, because the dead confer the dogma,” Fiala said.  “The fact that there are those who continue to live is a provocation, so they have to make sure these people die. This is not so complicated. They’re just concerned with keeping their business going.”

Vera Sharav, of Alliance For Human Research Protection, one of the most astute and independent minded watchers of the crumbling pharmaceutical state empire, stressed in a phone call. “It’s not industry. It’s not pharma. It’s government and academia. That’s where the real disease is. ”

Aghast at the story of Rico, and unable to comprehend the transparent propaganda of the “cured” (abducted) HIV positive toddler in Mississippi, Vera made the following remarks, about the AIDS arm of the pharmaceutical industry: “It’s a bankrupt business. This is the last gasp. In all these years that you’ve been at this, where has AIDS gone? Where is it? The actual numbers have gone way down. You really have to look at it from the business angle. It’s a last ditch effort and it’s not gonna work. If they themselves say 200 babies, what kind of epidemic is that? They make more on the flu. In a way you’re keeping them alive when you keep them fencing with you.There’s nothing there.”


“I think it’s totally over,” she continued. “But these hacks…how the heck they just took away the baby…they immediately take the baby away! Why isn’t anybody saying how dare they take the baby away?  You don’t do it to a dog, she has puppies you let her suckle them. Whenever they fight with such vengeance, then you know that they know that they’re losing. They’re very threatened. It’s like a wounded lion. When its bleeding, that is when it will just go on rampage. The AIDS thing has petered out. They’re pumping money into…they’re taking all the credit. Wonderful drugs. Ok, take credit. The fact is you don’t have new customers so how are you gonna stay in business? In Europe, everywhere. How are you going to stay in business? Overall the pharmaceutical industry is in very big trouble because they do not have any great things in the pipeline. The reason they don’t is because their business model is all wrong. It was built to peter out. They have only chased blockbusters, for healthy people, because there are more healthy people than sick people. The head of Merck said he wished his business was like Chicklets–not just for sick people. His wish came to fruition. Antidepressants and all of it, conditions, not diseases– they were able to hoodwink millions and millions of people, especially women to live on antidepressants. That’s a really terrific business. The only thing is the industry got so hooked on making those drugs that they stopped doing real research. Now it is the marketing departments that run the whole business. The AIDS thing dried up. They are looking for a female Viagra.”

“Can they make men behave like gentlemen again?” I said.  “Guaranteed blockbuster.”

Vera, who is in her 70s, laughed heartily.

22 thoughts on “AIDS Industry Defeated As Rico Ends Media Blackout”

  1. Does this mean that the terrorism is over and baby Rico can remove the feeding tube and end the monitoring?

  2. I will just post this blog item on this situation…it neatly shows how in the actions they took to enforce this set of actions the state and the hospital are ignoring the establishment accepted wisdom on best practice. They really are gunning for anyone who tries to make their own decisions in this …awful to do that to such a little baby. Complete b*********s. And of course everyone is afraid of putting a wrong foot and losing a job – at least the Judge ordered unlimited access – one sane mind in all this lunacy.

  3. I started using the screen name “AIDSisOver@ AOL decades ago, believing if we started saying it eventually people would get used to the idea and it would become a reality. I never dreamed it would take this long!

    We’re not quite there yet, but the end is in sight! I won’t rest until it is dead and buried. RIP AIDS!

  4. “Can they make men behave like gentlemen again?” I said. ”Guaranteed blockbuster.” Reminds me of a conversation in a bar a few years back. Guy talk. This one handsome 40-something businessman announced he had a Viagra connection. “I mention Viagra to a babe and she’s ready to go,” he said. “And if that doesn’t do it, I ask them ‘how’d you like some of this?’ ” flashing his cell phone at me, with a pic of his erect penis.
    Told me “it works every time” with one exception. One of his quarry’d started ranting at him over the Viagra. “I don’t understand why,”: he said.
    I understood but didn’t bother to enlighten Mr. Studly. STDs aside, the only danger in trolling for babes is that every now and then you run into a real woman.

    1. RA, this coincides with a piece I am writing, in my mind. This guy is a period piece. A disaster; Understands nothing. I’ve received that same cell pic with erect penis, but not his. I think if I may speak for real women, we hate the concept of Viagra from start to finish. I’ve run into its sinister presence only once, and never before or since. It should not exist.

  5. This is good news indeed but I take it with a grain of salt, knowing how vindictive these people are, and how good their memories are. The trial begins–ominously–on April Fools’ Day. I’d wait til it’s over before I’d consider celebrating.

  6. As much as I want to believe what you wrote it ain’t over for a long shot. I fear for Lindsey, taking away her baby will make her under constant duress and stressed, which we know can affect one’s health greatly (just look at Christine Maggiore). If she gets sick from all the stress the establishment can claim HIV is catching up to her. If it’s me I’d stay out of the limelight for the baby’s sake (which is what the AIDS industry wants).

  7. Thank you Celia for being a real journalist (a professional promoter of the truth)!
    Like Christian Fiala says: Why hate some people those who stay healthy?
    Give new insights a chance. Everybody is unique and wants to live in a world, that welcomes him or her!

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