Rico Home: Mirthless Bolsheviks Who Almost Killed Him Still In Command And Without Remorse



We are all heartened and  grateful for all the good-hearted people who came here from all over the world this week, and are still coming, to support baby Rico, who as we reported earlier today is HOME.

People have been asking:  Do his parents still have to medicate him? The answer is absolutely.

It will be done by visiting nurses, apparently, twice a day. The young parents, Lindsey and John, are not charged with missing even one dose of HAART medication, rather, with missing a doctor’s appointment. Still, they are now going to be under very heavy surveillance, and it is not even clear as I write this whether Rico is in their custody, or if he remains in the custody of the state, but at home with his parents.  As his grandfather Steve remarked, “I told them in the beginning, ‘If you do anything spooky with his meds, you’ll never see the kid again.’ ”


Be advised, we officially no longer live in a democracy, by any measure. The state can, at any time, abduct your healthy child right from your arms, terminate custodial rights and medical decisions or even medical input, assail the child with debilitating, toxic, unproven drugs, while charging the parents with child endangerment. And this is the next chapter. Here is a statement tonight from Rico’s Facebook page, written by Allison Quinn, who is Cheryl Nagel’s niece.


“Yes! Rico is home. However, CPS is still playing a gigantic role in his custody and care, plus his parents are still facing the trial for child endangerment on April 1st and 2nd…not to mention the future legal battles in regards to the medication and everything.
We need to be contacting Minnesota officials! I will post a sample letter as a comment, below. Please, please send an email (can be the same one) to each of these officals:

MN DHS Commissioner:
MN DHS Assistant Commissioner: .us
MN DHS Director of Child and Family Services:
MN DHS info:
MN Governor: http://mn.gov/governor/contact-us/form/


Cheryl Nagel told me yesterday that one dark cloud was the fact that CPS (Child Protective Services) would be at the house when Rico came home. “It’s like being violated all over again,” she said. She also said a news channel would be there.  Just now, moments ago, Allison Quinn emailed me on FB and gave me permission to share her email verbatim:


“The meeting with CPS today didn’t happen today – they got word that the news service was going to be there, so CPS didn’t show up. ha! (so it’s okay for CPS to not show up, but of course not vice-versa.) But yes, Lindsey and John have 9 pages of a care plan they must follow for the daily care of Rico, and if any non-compliance happens, they can (and will) take the baby. CPS needs to give them a 15 minute heads up and then can show up…so basically, the baby needs to be within 15 minutes of the house at all times. He may as well just be under house arrest, right??
Not only did the ABC affiliate from Minneapolis film today (and it aired tonight – it was pretty good, minus that they said “according to hospital documents, Lindsey’s condition has progressed to AIDS.” nice.), but the Minneapolis newspaper the Star Tribune called and interviewed them as well.”


Today on Facebook, investigative journalist Ricci Davis shared this quote:


“In order to establish a perfect socialist state, you have to destroy the family. You have to substitute the government and its authority for parental authority in the rearing of children.”

– Karl Marx



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  2. Celia, can you tell us where is the letter you mentioned above to send to the emails you have given to us in order to be sent to the Minnesota officials???? Thank you for your great work about Rico and his family!!!! From Europe, thanks a lot !!!.

      1. Yes, Celia, can you tell me where can it be, I mean this letter? I send a message to Cheryl, but she did not answer me. It is normal, she does not know me and besides she can have too many messages, but in Superando el Sida page there are many people that would send this letter to the people Chery`s niece talk about. Thanks a lot for your work , Celia and thanks for signing the petition for the European Parliament.

  3. Would it help if the family managed to get the baby registered with a “friendly” doctor, who understands the issues and could take over from the CPS (after all, if the doctor is in charge, can they legitimately still carry on as “watchdogs”?), and meantime, hire a lawyer to prepare a case showing that Rico’s Mother is the only lucky one who survived (among several girls who were found to be positive to the so-called HIV test) because her parents stopeed giving her AZT? Is there a lawyer willing to take this on?
    We need to save ourselves from these automatons who think they are doing good but have zero ability or inclination to think things through.

  4. This is going to be such an uphill battle for this little family. How can they say she has progressed to AIDS …and not have provided , by their scientific reasoning , prophylactic treatment to her in pregnancy? If they have been testing them and monitoring them throughout pregnancy , how so ? Did they just wait until after baby was born to do more new tests? And what effect did the earlier treatment with AZT have on her immune system..? Why did they allow her to breastfeed if they say she has now advanced medical infectious condition? They would want to have strong case for their own handling of this, to go and put her on trial for neglect. They are making an example of her, and again trying to break a good family.

  5. God damn this “Geheime Staats Politzei (Gestapo) that has the power to with us whatever it decides. This is no “free society”, it is as much a totalitarian state as the Soviet Union or the Third Reich and hand any “official power” to do as it wants. There is nothing like a “power rush” to any otherwise insignificant people and the exercise of it like a drug high.
    And how they delight in intimidating!

    1. it is as much a totalitarian state as the Soviet Union — I was born in Soviet Union and my parents and grandparents we all lived a long life in SOVIET UNION — you should know that NO ONE CHILD HAS EVER BEEN SIZED FROM THE PARENTS IN SOVIET UNION and no one parent was forced to poison their children with highly toxic drags /// it could happen only in “Democratic America “…when the U.S. government is killing innocent children in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, you say nothing, because THEY ARE not your kids……
      God help the familyof Lindsey Nagel!!!!!

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