1 thought on “Rico Nagel Story Told Straight On Local Network Station”

  1. good of them to follow it – and to keep to a simple script that shows up the inhumanity and stupidity of what is being done. Sue them – challenge it . They are ruining family lives and futures everywhere, with their witch hunt. That is all that this is – a witch hunt by a drug cartel and a state agenda gone completely robotic- they couldn’t possibly allow her to live her own triumph. We can only have ‘medical exceptions’ when they decide . How could they decide the baby needed so many drugs so soon..? Did he have pneumonia ? Many babies are born with thrush , or develop it after beginning artificial milk feeds, they certainly will on multiple drugs . Did he have thrush? Why fluconazole? Did he have a ‘high viral load’ , or a low cd4 by their measure? Really would like to see all of the medical reports published and procedures, treatments ..they don’t bother to treat the pregnant mother and follow their own ‘guidelines’ but want to accuse her of neglecting parental responsibilities and separate her from her child , stop breastfeeding after birth , having allowed it , deny her contact with her baby …….they are not human – have no human sensibility. It is immoral what they are doing , unjust, defies their own logic even. They are going to hound the young family to the nth, now. Once they have forced that many drugs onto the baby , they win- you are caught into their little dystopian paradigm completely – stopping them becomes legally and medically so fraught. That is why they threaten with solicitors. If this had been cancer or a tumour, they would not enforce treatment like this. A parent could wait to decide – and also get a second opinion . Who are they to tell parents that one medical opinion is law ? They should be sued .

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