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If we can raise even a small amount of money we can keep the site going and hopefully grow. Thank you for lending us your spirit and attention. We hope to grow big and strong in 2013.

You can donate $1 or $5, and it will help a lot. You can use GoFundMe or the PayPal button below to the right.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Keep The Truth Barrier Running With A Small Donation”

  1. I think it would also be a good idea to get more people to read your site. We might do this by sending our favorite blog entries to our friends who might appreciate them. Even using this comment mechanism to express in public what we appreciated and why we appreciated that.

    Personally, I believe that science and in particular medicine have gone badly off course in the past half century, while I’ve been watching. I know there were problems before, but I wasn’t aware of them at the time. For one small example, many believed that scurvy was infectious for a full century after it was known to be a dietary deficiency that was preventable by consuming citrus fruits. Hence Limeys.

    Now we still have most people worried about contracting HIV despite that the CDC itself, often implicated in promoting flawed medicine, has removed HIV+ as a reason to forbid entry into the U.S., declaring it NOT to be a significant hazard to Americans. Celia Farber is one of only a few voices in the public press to make note of this surprising fact. We should trouble ourselves to support such a valuable source of relevant truths.

    When I find a philanthropist ready to support it, I want to start a site I’d call to serve as a check on the mainstream press, including even Wikipedia and, which usually take some care to be on the right side of contentious issues. Several of my favorite disputants have published books to lay out their conclusions along with the reasons for them, but it’s a hard way to make a living.

    Can you find a good way to support important truth sayers like Celia Farber? I sure hope so.

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