Criminals Of The Vaccine Industry


It is so mind-boggling, what goes on in the vaccine industry behind the scenes, and the fact that they can enlist world media to demonize Andrew Wakefield, while this story was on the front porch the whole time for anybody who wanted it.

God bless Tim Bolen and The Bolen Report.

2 thoughts on “Criminals Of The Vaccine Industry”

  1. Thimerosal is a problem in vaccines because it contains mercury, a cellular toxin. But even with the thimerosal (mercury) removed from vaccines, the vaccines will still cause autism and other neurodegenerative disorders because of mechanisms Dr Russell Blaylock, MD (neurosurgeon, retired) has learned by reading neuroscience literature (something most people including MDs fail to do, that is, actually study the science–instead of relying on pharmaceutical industry propaganda). Here is a lecture by Dr Blaylock on the mechanisms involved in vaccines and autism.

  2. Celia,

    As one who knows little to nothing about medicine, let alone the vaccine industry, I was at a loss to what to make of this article. However I prefer to buy into the story you linked because I think you are thorough in your research.

    I posted an excerpt from your Bolen Report link on my New Forum (linked in my name). A reader posted this link in response.

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