Alice Miller, On The Cause of AIDS and Cancer


[The “dissident” movement failed because it refused to look at the emotional and spirit collapse that, as Miller says, precedes illness. 27 years tinkering on a great “scientific” clock-face that has never moved and never will, nor will the ’cause of AIDS’ be found there. CF]

“Today, we know that AIDS and cancer involve a drastic collapse of the body’s immune system, and that this physical “resignation” precedes the sick person’s loss of hope. Incredibly, hardly anyone has taken the step that these discoveries suggest: that we can regain our hope, if our distress signals are finally heard. If our repressed, hidden story is at last perceived with full consciousness, even our immune system can regenerate itself. But who is there to help, when all the “helpers” fear their own personal history? And so we play the game of blindman’s buff with each other–patients, doctors, medical authorities–because until now only a few people have experienced the fact that emotional access to the truth is the indispensable precondition of healing. In the long run, we can only function with consciousness of the truth. This also holds for our physical well-being. Bogus traditional morality, destructive religious interpretations, and confusion in our methods of childrearing all make this experience harder and hinder our initiative. Without a doubt, the pharmaceutical industry also profits from our blindness and despondency. However, each of us has been given only one life and only one body. It refuses to be fooled, insisting with all means at its disposal that we do not deceive it.”

Breaking Down The Walls of Silence
, Alice Miller

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