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Great Stuff

I often come across things I want everybody in my “family” to know about: Starting this new column, today, with something I kept hearing about on, called “InnerTalk.”

I’ve long been interested in accessing and CHANGING my sub conscious mind closets, but never got around to it. Yesterday, I heard a riveting hour on Hay House Radio with the inventor of Inner Talk, which is a technology that apparently with great success can change your mind.

I am going to order some and report back (here) on what changes I experience. (If I do.)

Oh, guess what? The inventor, Eldon Taylor, is on HHR right now. Listen here.

You can always listen again at a later time, via archives. Hay House Radio is, in my opinion, the most outstanding radio network in the world right now. It is radio that actually changes your life.


(I have no business affiliations with anything or anybody I promote here at “Great Stuff.”)

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  1. Hi there,

    It seems you have started or are on your way on the journey of the subconscious mind – which is far more interesting than all the other “stuff” we often keep ourselves busy with. Psych-K is another program mentioned in Bruce Lipton’s book: The Biology of Believe. I have attended both courses, and some very interesting things surfaced. I think that many of these Programs work – and there are quite a few, but there are also quite a few gold diggers to be found. After we were attacked at night 2x within 2 1/2 weeks, I had to work on my subconscious, which was programmed in fear. It was also programmed in a death wish – why are we here – and what is the use? 5 Months ago I was diagnosed with cancer- a 10 by 5 cm tumor in the lung – blood dripping out of my mouth (death wish – not even only sub-consciously, but consciously come true) and when faced with the fact of the possibility of dying,changed my conscious and subconscious mind. My tumor is gone after straight away going on our natural anti-cancer program (after 3 -4 months – verified by the doctors 3 weeks ago), and both my minds are a lot calmer – not perfect – but better. It is all about changing your mind! Do you want to live or die? And if you want to live – how do you want to live your life? I support you in your court case and know that somehow we can create a better outcome!

    Kind regards


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