Dorion Sagan on Lynn Margulis: An Evolutionary Eulogy


This morning I received this link from Dorion Sagan, and though I generally avoid publishing non-original material, this is, to my mind and ear, such an exceptional piece of writing and thinking that I wanted to share it. I wonder if any grieving grandchildren anywhere on earth have ever received such exquisite comfort as Dorion offers here, to the question of where grandmama went.

The photograph of Lynn taken days before her death is itself a vision.

Dorion will be writing a piece about his mother for The Truth Barrier, which will mark the development of a new direction here: Back to old fashioned publishing roots, in which writers are matched with subjects, commissioned, paid, and blessed. The last few years of what I call “Czarist” media, in which writing tumbles forth, writers are not compensated, in which there are no editors, no structured intent–this must end.

This spring, The Truth Barrier received a generous donation from the musician Pete Townshend who is, to me, the patron saint of truth seeking, and of staying awake during times of almost incomprehensible occlusion. Thank you Pete. Thank you Dorion. We are tiny but we have a good flashlight on the sails, and with a little faith, and a few good winds, we can continue our sojourn.

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