Postcards From The North


I’m back in New York after five weeks in Scandinavia, mostly Sweden. Like the whale whose body sleeps in sections at a time, parts of me are enlightened but not all of me. Tonight I am feeling particularly luminous, after partaking in a live radio show that offered re-pattering of negative beliefs about Self, on my new favorite radio network, Hay House Radio. I noticed only women called in and needed their beliefs re-patterned. I need ALL my beliefs re-patterned, and am soaking up all the New Age wisdom I can find. I will let you know as I go what works and what doesn’t.

I can’t ‘write’ anymore. I am taking a lot of pictures.

Here’s one of me and a tree (my date) out for a walk in Rinkesta, Sweden, at 9 pm, in wild light. I’m the one in the hat. Except I wasn’t wearing one.

Evening Walk in Rinkesta

I was certain I was going to move to a house on this road but as usual everything went haywire. That’s one thing I can positively say about the world now: Things seem to be happening one way and then they just turn in mid air and fly the other way. Flux. Speed. Desperation. Worlds and people trying to thread themselves into the future with words and plans that have almost no relationship to anything that is actually about to happen.

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