More US Soldiers Killed By Pharma Than By Enemy Combatants


Losing more troops to suicide than combat, and US media says not a story. This, as the first commenter rightly points out, is due to the troops being plied with drugs, most dangerously SSRI’s, well known to trigger suicides. See–a pure data website which collects thousands of reported cases of suicides, homicides, arson, shootings, etc, and traces down which drug or drugs the people in question were taking, period. And then you can either draw conclusions or not. The site is run by two people who are un-sung heroes of US media. I have been in correspondence with them and I respect their straight, intrepid work more than I can express.


Coda, next day: I was wrong. It appears Mefloquine may in fact me the greatest chemical threat to our troops, causing self-directed aggressions. See this article.

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