The Orthodox Medicine Power Lust of House: TV as Propaganda Tool


Last night’s very hyped episode of HOUSE (Fox) has House’s colleague and best friend diagnosed with cancer and given ‘five months’ to live. (Five, mind you–not 6. An uneven very exact number–5.)

He declines chemo because he wants to enjoy the time he has left. Dr. House goes into rage-filled but secretly heart of gold inspired plots and acts of narcissistic hysteria that even include collapsing the sewage system of the hospital, in order to PROTEST his friend’s decision which is cast as a decision NOT TO LIVE. Chemo, of course, is LIFE.

(Vincent used to spell ‘vomit’ with two mms: Vommit.)

I posted this on the House Facebook fan page:

“Last night’s episode was very heavy-handed with its bias, slant, that choosing chemo means choosing life while choosing to abstain from chemo means choosing death if you have been diagnosed with cancer. It was infuriatingly wrong and so incredibly insulting to all the tens of thousands of people who are alive BECAUSE they healed their bodies and AVOIDED chemo/radiation. Greg House is a brilliant but totally out of tune figure. He grasps nothing about LIFE.”

–Note: Government Public Health Institutions, most notably CDC, have infiltrated the entertainment industry at the deepest level, with funding and “consultation” on scripts. Our friend Christine Maggiore uncovered this, when an episode of Law And Order that depicted her as a child killer, and also killed her, on the stand, from I guess sudden onset AIDS, was found to have been scripted by one of these government agencies. I will return with more information about this–document what I have said. Christine herself talks about it in a podcast. Christine was dead within 6 weeks of watching herself die on television.

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