From TAC Propaganda Pamphlet: Learning To Love “Voluntary” Circumcision [Part 1]


The TAC is the strangest, most barbaric unified body of “activism” since the KKK.

It has to be seen to be believed. Like this Voluntary Circumcision Information Pamphlet, that says even if you were circumcised as a baby, there’s still more foreskin you can remove, with their great program. It’s free!


How is medical
circumcision performed?

The most common method of performing medical
circumcision in the public sector is the forceps-guided
method. Less common, but also safe and effective, methods
of surgical circumcision are the dorsal slit and the sleeve
To perform a forceps guided circumcision pain killer is
administered, then the foreskin is pulled over the head of the
penis with a pair of forceps and the foreskin is then snipped
using the forceps as a guide. Sutures are then done around
the penis to hold the skin in place and a dressing is applied.
Medical male circumcision is one of the most common
procedures performed worldwide and complications are very
rare and usually easily resolved.

What are the health benefits
of medical male circumcision?

If you are a heterosexual male, then medical
male circumcision will reduce your chances
of contracting HIV.
Three clinical trials, conducted in
Kenya, South Africa and Uganda,
showed medical circumcision reduces
a man’s risk of contracting HIV by 50 to
There are other significant health benefits associated with circumcision.
These include reduced risk of other sexually transmitted infections
such as herpes, syphilis and human papilloma virus. (The human
papilloma virus increases the risk of penile cancer in men and cervical
cancer in women.) The risk of getting urinary tract infections in

Who can get

Medical male circumcision is free in the public sector
for infants, adolescents and adults. Circumcision is a
voluntary procedure and you always have the right to
refuse circumcision.
HIV positive men also have the right to be circumcised.
However only HIV positive men that are currently
healthy will be permitted to undergo the procedure and
will need to have a CD4 count taken and be in a good
state of health.
Children between the age of 6 months and 7 years
should not get circumcised because the pain killers
(general anesthesia) provided for the procedure is more
risky for this age group.
Medical male circumcision is
a simple surgical procedure
done to remove the foreskin
of the penis.
The procedure is now
available in the public
sector free of charge.
Medical circumcision
reduces a heterosexual
man’s chances of
contracting HIV and
other STIs.

What about condoms?

It is extremely important to keep protecting yourself and
your partner through correct and consistent condom use
after circumcision. The protective effect that medical
circumcision has on reducing HIV transmission is only
partial and therefore can only work as an additional
preventive measure. Circumcision is not a substitute for
You will need to abstain from sex for about six weeks after
circumcision. This is to allow the wound time to heal.

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