Television Captures American Insanity And Squalor Is The New Story


Spend two hours watching US television and there can be no question the country is fast becoming a very large mental hospital without walls or staff.

Tonight: I sat down with my small bowl of nuts, decided to relax and watch some TV.

First I watched “Hoarders: Buried Alive.” That’s always an uplifting show. Tonight’s episode featured an obese, highly intelligent, mean hoarder whose whole house was a literal garbage can crawling with roaches, bugs, and even nests of black widow spiders. She blamed her kids, squarely, for the squalor, as she herself, she said, had so many illnesses they should do all the cleaning. I missed the first part, exactly how the entire house became a garbage dump. Not even possessions, trinkets, the usual hoarder stuff, just pure actual garbage, up the knee level. The exterminators came in and declared it too dangerous a place even for them. The roaches were EVERYWHERE.

The woman was out on the front porch, hating on everybody who tried to patiently explain things had to change, that the environment wasn’t “safe” for her teenage kids. She despised the main anti-hoarder coach so much she said she would sit out the entire process in her car to avoid her. Biggest victim you ever saw in your life. It was NOT her fault the house was filled with garbage and crawling with vicious bugs. Nope. It was the damn kids fault. In the middle of it all, she said she had to go lie down and cool off and elevate her feet. So they came in, these silent hard-working saints, in the white space suits and fork-lifted out the trash from all around her in the bedroom. When asked if she intended to partake or help she said no. “I’m done.” She said she was not moving a muscle, that day. That was her plan. They could do whatever they wanted to.

In one scene one of the saintly garbage removers, a woman, came out and showed her a basket and said, “This basket is infested with bugs so I am going to throw it out. Is that alright with you?”

The woman gave her a deadly angry glare and said: “Sure. My mother can come out of her grave and weave another one for me.”

“Oh your mother made this?” the garbage remover said sweetly. “I’m sorry. It has to go.”

Then she threw it out.

When people become attitude-deranged in America, you’ll notice that it stops nowhere, they go all the way, they have NO IDEA they are at fault, for anything, ever, no matter what.

Here’s Norberto Keppe, in his landmark book “The Liberation Of The People:”

“If the reader observes carefully, he will see that the insane person (one who is not involved in psychiatric treatment) always has enormous “freedom” of action due to his fierce attitudes in getting what he wants, because he sets no limits to his inordinate ambition. This type of person gives the appearance of being perfect, yet he takes medicine constantly, is terrified of death, and has no equilibrium whatsoever.

Now it is possible to understand why families give support to their sickest members, the reason being that these represent the social ideals of power that the families seek, and also because those who are the sickest (psychologically) behave in the most arrogant manner, acting as though they were perfect.”

At the end of the show, the house was miraculously cleaned out, re-carpeted, re-tiled, and de-bugged. The ghastly mean witch offered a faint nod of approval, acknowledged that it “looked better.” The husband who had fled came back to visit, and have dinner with the family. Dinner was cooked by the daughter, thrilled to have a bug and trash free kitchen to cook in. She was traumatized after the fact that all those black widow spiders had been festering in the kitchen. “I could have died in there,” she said.

The husband said: “How long has it been since we could all sit here and see the floor, and see each other?”

“About four years,” said the beast, without a hint of remorse, handing her dinner plate to the slave daughter after she’d finished.

For heaven’s sake.

This is overt child abuse.

Or is it just–reality TV?

Two extremes: People living worse than rats. Or, super wealthy, also living in squalor, like the Kardashians–spiritual squalor. Where are the American people, who seem like….people?

Next up was a show about the strangest sexual preferences in the world.

One segment was about a suburban couple who’d had rocketing sex for decades, until the man became furious that he had no foreskin, and it took him too long to reach climax. Being a handy type, one who made gadgets and things, down he went to his basement workshop to develop the perfect thing. A kind of jimmy hat for the penis which sort of pumps the skin forward and is attached to some kind of nozzle, with a sort of…hook…and it somehow mimics the friction of foreskin if you keep it on during sex. The thing worked. It was called “The Tugger.”

Here it is:

So well in fact, that the it is now a family business they run from their home–the foreskin restoration device. The wife was seen answering the phones and explaining and taking orders. The wife swore the thing was delightful and sensational in bed. They’d never been happier. And it was over faster. The opposite of Viagra.

Then : A couple, he was black, she was white. He was normal weight, she was 600 pounds. He was a “feeder” and she was a “feedee” or something. Their erotic bond was that he loved enormous women, the bigger the better, and loved to feed her, and watch her eat, help her eat, and eat more, bring her trays and trays of food. He loved to wash her immense body and take nude photos of her. He wanted her fatter and fatter. Their goal was to get her to 1,000 pounds. They went out trawling for another woman for a threesome, but there they hit a snag: She liked skinny girls and he wanted obese women so they struck out. Went home and ate a few foot long Blimpies. The man looked right into the camera and said: ‘We have talked about immobility. Getting her to where she can’t move at all. That would be an erotic dream, for us.” Toward this goal, the woman stayed home all day, every day, and just ate.

But I had a thought: What if, once she weighs over 1,000 pounds, and becomes immobilized, and depends 100% on him to feed her and keep her alive–what if he changes his mind, as men do, and says, “I don’t love you anymore.” Men just leave. Just like that. If he left her she would die. Is he trying to kill his wife? Shouldn’t these people see a forensic psychiatrist?

When it got to the man who castrated himself because he had a rare disease that made him allergic to his own semen, and very ill–he seemed the most normal of the bunch. He’d frozen sperm, just in case.

I’ve got to get out of here.

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  1. This, though very sad, actually made me laugh for some reason. I think it was your response. You don’t actually have to get out of here, but you’ve reminded me why I don’t watch TV. Those people you’re looking for? Normally weird people, well removed from the extremes of pathological required to be entertainment fodder …they’re everywhere, busy and messy, but satisfying.

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