Decades of Institutional Swedish Anti-Racism Undone by Art Cake Experiment


This image is exloding across the Internet, and has quite understandably caused an international as well as national uproar, in Sweden, making the world wonder if Sweden has been out of its mind all along, despite its carefully cultivated image.

The piece accompanying the photo, by Johan Palme, is direct, informative, and revealing.

I have never resonated with the word “art;” This seems to me to be a psychological experiment, a la, Milgram etc.

Art is clearly going in the direction of really hungering more and more for human, audience participation, ie, tending much more toward what is called “performance art” but really is “audience reaction art.”

When I first saw the photo, as a half Swede, I literally could not believe my eyes. I was very grateful to have Palme’s essay unpacking it for me.

It’s really really really…..bizarre.

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