Letter From A Fellow PhD To Address The Ruggiero Matter


[Note: The letters that accompanied yesterday’s story on Marco Ruggiero were hyperlinked, and in one case, required two click-throughs to get to it. To be sure they are read by all, I publish here in full, first, the letter written by a fellow PhD scientist:]

February 28th, 2012

To Pretor, prof. Alberto Tesi.

Università degli Studi di Firenze – P.zza S.Marco, 4 – 50121 Firenze

Dear prof. Tesi,

I am a Ph D researcher and I am writing to you about the very serious situation concerning what happened to prof. Marco Ruggiero.

I had the chance to meet him a few months ago to learn more about Hiv-Aids issue as I was writing my Ph D thesis on cancer, Aids and the immune system. I contacted him because I was studying the literature on this subject and I found something strange and unclear from the historical, medical and logical point of view. I noticed how during the 70’s the entire scientific establishment immediately and with no understandable reason turned from the retroviral hypothesis of cancer (which came out as a total failure) to a new, deadly epidemic called AIDS, probably caused by a retrovirus (as stated by Margaret Hackler and Robert Gallo in the sadly and unscientific famous press conference held in april 1984). I subsequently decided to start interviewing some renowned scientist both in my country and abroad to deepen my knowledge because I had to support the whole structure of my Ph D thesis with scientific evidence. Much to my surprise none of them seemed to be aware of the many dark sides of the Hiv-aids matter. Most of them candidly admitted they had no answers to my questions. I also met prof. Luc Montagnier in person during a conference he held; much to my dismay and shock not even the Nobel Laureate in 2008 for Hiv “discovery” could give a realistic and evidence-based answer to my very simple questions.

After these important professional experiences I started to think that my former impression on Hiv was very well grounded. If no one seemed to have the answers, it probably was even more important to shed light. I decided to write to you to share my human and professional opinion, which became more clear as I found the evidences that exist from the very beginning and that very few people know (and want to know); and most of the scientific community deliberately keeps on ignoring. I am really taken aback that someone dared to write an anonymous letter to you assuming a moral high- ground with the subject and accusing a very serious scientist like Marco Ruggiero; and what I find even more shocking is that this person without a face simply seems to ignore that prof. Ruggiero’s work (as well as that of thousands of other smart and honest scientists and researchers) simply follows what prof. Luc Montagnier stated and repeated on many occasions, like in the famous 2009 documentary “House of numbers” by Brent Leung in which he says that:
“We can be exposed to hiv many times without being chronically infected; our immune system will get rid of the virus in a few weeks, if you have a good immune system”
Luc Montagnier has always been the first to underline the importance of “co-factors; and I found funny to hear Françoise Barrè-Sinoussi, co-discovered of Hiv and Nobel Prize Laureate with Montagnier, stating that:

And then hearing Luc Montagnier saying the opposite: “I REPEAT, WE DID NOT PURIFY”.

Shall someone write an anonymous letter to Pasteur Institute as well then?

My long prologue just to reconcile logical thought with objective facts: I deeply studied all the documents available, every article, every interview and many issues have shocked me to say the least: the 1984 National Cancer Institute official and unknown documents that dr. Gallo intentionally manipulated and changed to send them to Science for publishing the way he liked to (please see attach); an almost unknown letter signed from 37 top scientist from all over the world asking Science to retract the initial papers from Gallo, who was also find guilty and prosecuted for scientific misconduct by the ORI (Office for Research Integrity); the absolutely unacceptable Hiv tests (Elisa, Western Blot and PCR ) kit inserts stating that:

1) “At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to hiv-1 and hiv-2 in human blood” (Elisa test, billed as a specific antibody test)

2) “Do not use this kit as the sole basis of diagnosis of hiv infection” (Western Blot test, presumed to be a “confirmatory test”).

3) “This test is not intended to be used as a screening test for hiv or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of hiv infection” (PCR or “viral load” test, a test which the patient’s life depends on as it is used to decide when to start taking highly toxic and often deadly antiretroviral drugs and to “screen” the immune response to the virus and therapy).
So they are testing people for what? There is no gold standard for Hiv, which means isolation and purification, and it’s not me saying that, it’s Luc Montagnier and Françoise Barrè-Sinoussi to name a few. These are the recognized rules of virology and microbiology, that only in this case seem not to be valid. These are the facts. And I believe science ought to be based upon that. Or we want to risk and decide about a patient’s life upon assumptions, personal opinions and never verified hypothesis?
I believe it is not necessary to be a scientist to understand that too many aspects of this subject don’t make sense: a logical and rational thought is enough. Along with living proofs: many “Hiv positive” people living healthy with no drugs from more than twenty years, with Hiv negative partners and children. How can this be? Why nobody talks about that? No mass-media, no scientific papers, no interviews? How can we reconcile what we see with we learned at the University and from the brain- storming media? Why does the scientific community remain silent about it?

I would like to point out that am not writing to you to defend prof. Ruggiero’s work and scientific skills (he simply does not need that) but to share with you what I have been a witness of: his
unselfish help to my scientific survey for a Ph D thesis, and especially his will to speak and prove the truth to help others. Many of my patients have contacted him to get more information on Hiv-aids, the same information they could not find anywhere else. And he did that for free, without putting anyone at risk of his/her life. I have emails between some patients of mine and prof. Ruggiero and he never tried to sell anything to anyone, he never told someone to quit medication. He simply helped them to use their brains and draw their own conclusions out of facts.
As a human being and as a researcher, I wanted to express my support to prof. Ruggiero and, even more importantly, to point out that everyone has the right to know the truth, to hear a second opinion and to see the evidences. And I thoroughly believe that these acts of supreme moral and intellectual violence are nothing but another proof that our doubts are right.
And I wonder why the media and the scientific establishment seem to ignore Luc Montagnier’s statements, I wonder why if you get tested for Hiv and ask for the kit inserts they tell you is forbidden by law (I tried that myself…). I wonder why we allow an anonymous letter to make such a fuss. There is no scientific issue in this. There is no respect. There is no face. But it seems to me that there is something huge at stake. No inquiry should exist considering anonymous opinions but ignoring the facts. It reminds me of gossip magazines.
In the end, I also think we should seriously be concerned about what we call democracy, our freedom of thought. Why when Hiv-Aids subject is in question everyone out there seems to be scared, becomes rude, furious and ready to fight in the most indecent way in the desperate and useless effort to conceal the evidence and run away from a scientific dialogue, which doesn’t belong to the “dissidents” but to Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier, to the Hiv tests kit inserts, to the common sense etc.? This is more like politics. I don’t see anything scientific in this very sad happening which is a moral failure for everyone, for us scientists, and especially for the “mysterious” person who has hidden his/her face behind a fragile veneer that probably should be stripped away. If someone had something to say and prove, it would have been a smarter decision to come out and discuss it, face to face. Anonymous letters to insult people simply confirm the political strategy hidden behind a matter that should be medical and ethical. But if everything started with a press conference, maybe we don’t have to be surprised. Everything starts up and end up back where it begun.
Rumors and gossip are there, have always been there and always will be, it is enough to read the Seville Barber by Beaumarchais to see that they existed long before internet or the media. But this was not intended to be a gossip magazine talk. It ought to be a scientific and probably legal one.
The truth is crystal clear to me and to many scientists and lay people. We’ve known the truth. Now, what we want are the answers.

Best regards Dr. XXXX PhD University of XXX

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