Ruggiero Files Criminal Suit Against Anonymous Accusers


Zoe Corbyn reports in today’s, that “…The University of Florence has launched an inquiry into the teaching activities of an academic who assisted on a course that denies the causal link between HIV and AIDS, and supervised students with dissertations on the same topic.” You can read the article here.

The Truth Barrier reached Dr. Ruggiero today and interviewed him about the details of the situation. It turns out that an anonymous complaint against him has indeed been filed with the University, but to date he has heard nothing from the University about it, and has himself taken the matter to court.

Professor Ruggiero has filed a libel case in a criminal court, against the anonymous entities who wrote the letter, which includes “falsehoods and defamation,” including, he told TTB, that he “solicited patients over the Internet,” and is responsible for many deaths by dissuading them from ARV treatment. (TTB looked up the source of the anonymous attack letter claiming that Ruggiero had “contacted” HIV patients over the Internet, and it showed that his work was discussed on a forum,, he was asked questions, and he replied to them.)

“They called me a criminal and a charlatan and all these things. In Italy defamation of this kind is a criminal offense, punishable by up to one year in prison. I sued them immediately,” Ruggiero told TTB today in a telephone interview.

The writers of the letter are anonymous, did not give their names, and the website “,” is registered, Ruggiero says, by a “dummy corporation called DomainsByProxy–a service often used for online frauds, spam, phishing and cybersquatting.”

“We have efficient police here in Italy and they will immediately discover the source of this. They will trace the computer,” Ruggiero said. He added that his attorney is very confident about the case and “wishes all his cases were this clear cut.”

Here is some background on the situation as of today:

The Rector of The University of Firenze has received:

a) An anonymous letter with no names, from “a group of citizens and patients, associated in the, a forum for people infected by HIV and others concerned about HIV/AIDS…”

Here is that letter, which came to Ruggiero’s attention when both the Italian original and the English translation were published in the comments section of an online periodical, by somebody calling him or herself “Dora.”

The Rector has also received:

b) This Letter to the Rector by HIV informa, signed by 8 persons (signatures omitted here, but are on the original copy) all HIV positive, expressing their ardent support of Dr. Ruggiero’s work and research, and stating that they are “…totally willing to collaborate in the research concerning the immunotherapeutic approach,” that Dr. Ruggiero has pursued–which relates to gut flora restoration, and has been published and presented in numerous papers as well as conferences, including the XVIII AIDS Conference in Vienna, 2010, and the Sixth International AIDS Society Conference in Rome, 2011. HIVInforma states in its letter that this “smear campaign” is “fueled by associations like NadirOnlus, and NpsItalia, adding that these “charitable” organizations receive pharmaceutical funding. (TTB checked their references and found evidence of pharmaceutical funding.)

c) This Researcher’s letter from a fellow PhD researcher, concerned about the strange and vague accusations against his colleague. He ends his letter thus: “The truth is crystal clear to me and many scientists and lay people.”

Ruggiero supplied TTB with documentary evidence that none other than the International AIDS Society (IAS) has praised his “great contribution,” invited him to contribute to their journal, help elect their members, and present his work at their conferences. In the University’s ranking systems, both from the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Engineering, Ruggiero has consistently ranked close to the top or in the # 1 position in some cases. (He provided screen shots of the results.) He documented also that in the past 16 years, he mentored 60 theses, all of which were discussed and approved by a commission of up to 11 professors and one of which received a coveted award.

As recently as Feb 24, 2012, The Ministry of University and Research nominated Ruggiero as reviewer of research projects and singled out his competence and research in the field of HIV/AIDS. In addition, The Public Health Service of Tuscany has defined Ruggiero’s research as “important Florentine research on HIV” and reports on it at the site of the Center for research and documentation of AIDS and Addictions.

It begs the question what exactly these nameless inquisitors imagine when they demand that the University Of Firenze “disassociate” from Ruggiero’s “science and activities.”

Ruggiero told TTB that as of today, March 19, he has received no communication whatsoever from the University, but is confident the Rector will review all the letters and handle the matter justly.

The Truth Barrier has requested of Professor Ruggiero the full exchange that took place between himself and Nature reporter Zoe Corbyn. If we receive it, we will have a better understanding of the esprit of today’s article, and its origins.

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  3. Do you know the outcome of this suit? Thank you for all you do and thank God for honest scientists like Prof. Duesberg and Prof. Ruggiero!!

  4. Its a shame that Nature’s Magazine writers,can give voice to the anonymus letters
    against one of most honest scientist of Italy.
    I hope the rector of this university might give us,a right answer for this terrible denunce
    full of lies and barbaries.

  5. This condition started it United States. It started at exactly the same time the Columbia cartel introduce cheap cocaine into United States.(History of cocaine use in the United States). This cocaine was processed with solvents that are not meant for human consumption. Up until now there have been many people who expressed doubt about this epidemic. And in fact they are right, because this condition is not a virus. This condition is cause by small amounts of these solvents being ingested by to uses of cocaine and other illicit drugs such as poppers. Since then the researchers in the United States and around the world have expanded this disease to include everything under the sun. This is how they have increased amount of money they have to research, pharmaceuticals and medicines that completely worthless in treating this condition. We need to call for an investigation into these solvents because they are in the illicit drugs and must becausing harm to those people who use these drugs. This is the cause and only cause of this condition that we call HIV AIDS. If these uses of these illicit drugs would stop using them before they do enough damage that is irreversible, their bodies will recuperate just by stopping the use of these drugs. These antiviral drugs only exacerbate the condition. And because many of these uses think that it has something to do with sex continue to use these drugs if only at a moderate rate than a day before, thereby causing more harm to themselves because they continue to ingest these solvents. This condition is not caused by sex, or sharing needles, but is cause by the continuing ingestion of these illicit drugs that contain the solvents. You can find out cocaine is processed by looking up(illicit cocaine processing and manufacturing). There you will find chemicals such as diesel fuel, gasoline, and acetone as part of these ingredients that is use in the processing of cocaine. Anything else that if anyone suggests is causing this problem without looking into this a working to keep the research dollars flowing in not to help the people that are suffering from this condition.

  6. This is exactly why I have decided to remain anonymous; slander, smear campaigns – I have seen it all happen to HIV+ individuals who dared to come out in the open, to speak up and to question the status quo publicly. Some have paid with their lives. They are heroes to all of us.

  7. Since when is the Italian legal system so upright? You cannot wrestle slime, can you?

    Interesting that Nature,com is behaving badly. They need a new editor. But they probably wouldn’t hire the type of editor they need. How are the mighty fallen. Nature used to be a respectable journal.

    One tires of the hatefilled pious, who have no business in science. But then science is now a business.

    So who is Zoe? I scorn these little ideological prostitutes. “A pious man is one who would be an atheist if the king were. – Jean de la Bruyere

    So sue me, Zoe.

  8. This is a good report and VERY good news. Is anyone laying odds that one or more of our favorite truthers generated the false complaint against Dr. Ruggerio? Nathan Geffen? Ed Grebe? John Moore? Dan Kuritzkes?

    Remember too that Moore, Geffen and Kuritzkes made a presentation in 2006 about how journalists can attack honest academics like Ruggiero:

    I suspect that Zoe’s report has more to do with her desire to join Brian Deer and Seth Kalichman at the next pharmaceutically-funded shill-fest in the French Alps than any actual reporting.

  9. The medical establishment will have you believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is some sort of mysterious illness, but it’s no mystery to me; CFS/ME leads to NON-HIV AIDS, idiopathic CD lympocytopena (ICL), a clinical diagnosis I possess.

    How can the AIDS establishment continue with a stale “it’s caused by HIV” theory when there are ICL cases cited in medical journals dating back to 1992? While millions of ailing immunodeficient CFS/ME patients get belittled and neglected, perfectly healthy HIV+ people are allocated billions of dollars in taxpayer money. How can it make sense to anyone?

    1. Nothing in these world makes sense anymore…
      if you don’t protect yourself no Doctors will.
      Now many deseases=$

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