Cablegate: The Development Bank of South Africa Issued Inflated HIV/AIDS Statistics To Media


Question: Why is the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) making statistical HIV reports to South African media so baseless even the TAC choked on it?

A cable published by WikiLeaks with the origin of Embassy Pretoria offers a glimpse into the economic forces enmeshed with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Though this cable appears to be concerning itself with corrections to “red herring” statistics, we emphasize the following passage marked “very strange:”

Comment: The Citizen Newspaper published a report on May 6 stating that the DBSA had released a statement clarifying that the statistics were working data that has not yet been “validated as per normal practice or put through stakeholder consultations. [Emphasis mine.] This is why the data had not been published or reported by the Bank, as was normally done when it released research results.” The DBSA said that the information was published “without the Bank’s knowledge or its explicit and formal authority.”

A non-inducted mind may be left to wonder why The Development Bank of South Africa (whatever that is) is involved in HIV statistics, and feeding them to media, under any conditions.

How does it serve the Development Bank of South Africa to inflate HIV and AIDS statistics?

How is HIV/AIDS wired, financially, in South Africa? What is the root system? It certainly is not just another illness that bank managers and their “ilk” feel terrible that African mothers and babies are dying of.

What does this cable tell us? It sounds to me like this creepy bank has an entrenched system of issuing “information” about HIV/AIDS (which in this instance was declared a red herring.) That’s not normal.

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  1. A few years ago they reported something like 540 000 AIDS deaths in this country from a total of 570 000 deaths. That would have meant that we only had 30 000 something deaths of accidents, murders, heart, cancer etc.etc.etc. Oops, that was also a statistical work in the making and they never rectified it. So in the people’s mind the 540 000 AIDS deaths stuck!

  2. As a South African, involved in the alternative AIDS debate since 1986, let me say at once that the more HIV and AIDs figures can be inflated by whatever organization, the more the SA government can rely on overseas funding for ARVs; secondly, most of the HIV and AIDs figures in SA, comes from anti-natal clinics… which is mostly from pregnant mothers (but we all know the myth that pregnant mothers automatically produce retroviruses as a safety mechanism during their pregnancy) – a few years ago. The MRC in South Africa said that the HIV figures were down by a whopping 17% but at the same breath concluded that STD had gone up… how is this possible when everyone was wearing condoms?); thirdly, as these figures were inflated by the SA Development Bank, the SA government based on these statistics decided to approach the SA Department of Finances (under Trevor Manual) to deduct from each tax paying citizen between 1-2% of their monthly income and distribute the money to those who cannot work or find work due to HIV and/or AIDS, and finally the more inflated the figures the more NGOs (especially from Netherlands and USA) and government budgets would allow for more spending on ARVs, as we also now have in Swaziland where the population are being fed ARVs, morning day and night… (by a Dutch NGO). And yes, the more these figures are inflated the more anti-biotics for TB and ARVs for HIV and AIDS, the more vaccinations are dumped on our shore by the West and Bill Gates claiming to do this all for humanity. These drugs cannot and will not solve civil wars on African continent which results in malnutrition, poor sanitation and poor hygiene… The Sa Development Bank also issues statistics on TB, diabetes and any others that are grossly inflated, but allows more overseas funding to pour into the government suit cases, but is NOT distributed to those communities that really need it.

  3. Incredible! I always knew the South Africa business was phoney. Thanks for finally getting the word out.

    Celia, I have wanted to donate to you for a long time, but I don’t want to get involved in any of these controversies. I am also worried about so many people disappearing mysteriously. How can I support you but not give my credit card? I have a daughter, and I can’t let myself get tangled in this mess. But I’m 100% behind you. It takes Wikileaks to really sort things out.

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