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Reflections on The Hidden Meaning of Drama and Trauma

“It may well be that you have been cast in the role of trigger for the emotional release work in which another being is engaged. And it may appear to you that the individual in question is overreacting to your prompts. Yet, from that other person’s perspective, your reactions are extreme aberrations of a movie that is worn thin from endless reruns. Both are correct.

Once this painful period is completed, the horizon once again comes into view and one ceases to see oneself as lost in a momentum that seems devoid of direction. For the direction is within the depths of one’s own cellular structure. And the process of combing those depths for displaced fragments of one’s consciousness is the way out of a lifetime that may have come to be imprisoned by them.

Approach with gentleness and compassion the beings with whom you share experience in this time frame. For each of you is performing to the very best of his abiilities, playing out roles that have been preordained and not without a certain measure of discomfort all the way around.

Know that it is in the highest interests of all concerned that one is prepared to see the experience through to completion and not succumb to the temptation to exit the stage in a fanfare of self-righteousness.

It is far too easy to see the flaws in the thinking and responses of another human being than to see the same in one’s self. Rest assured that your own performance is equally marred from the perspective of the beings with whom you co-create your end dramas. And the tendency toward the necessity to appear right in the eyes of onlookers only serves to undermine the objective of the interchange.

Ultimately, you are able to perceive the overview of the drama.

As the process intensifies, one approaches the depths of the karmic burden carried emotionally, and begins to peel back the layers of patterning that have colored one’s experience and one’s responses through lifetime after lifetime.

As you begin to emerge from this transitional phase, you will experience a sense of liberation from the constraints of emotional conditioning with which you have contended all your life. It becomes obvious, in your responses to provocation and emotional stimuli, that the reflex of emotional response has been transcended and that you are no longer operating at the mercy of the feelings that once dominated your experience.

Resist the inclination to hold back during these episodes of profound emotional release. For the responses that have been triggered are symptomatic of untold levels of history carried within you. And as each successive level is revealed and released, you are quite likely to begin to experience a sense of liberation from lifetimes of emotional imprisonment. Standard provocative cues cease to produce the standard emotional reflex action. And at long last, the chain is broken that held you in a spiral of emotional conditioning.”

From: Oneness, [Rasha]


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